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steve thomas showreel

steve thomas showreel

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Steves show reel has examples of the vast diversity of programs that he has work on in over 25 years in the film and TV industry. Sound for all camera formats including 35mm Film,  multicamera timecode systems and sound design. He mixes transmition standard sound for all types of visual formats in his home studio in Kent. He Lectures and runs workshops for FE and HE. Steve also has bases in London, Cambridge and the South East.

CONTACT - 01303863628 - 07703519283

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Commercials   My IMBD  link  IMDB

Brewdog - Taztron Delix 
Geordie Shore - Lets Be Cops - Recipe
Bosh - Recipe
Specsavers Recipe Dan Castello
Lexus drum roll / quite revolution Gorgeous Stacey Wall
HSBC Gorgeous Peter Thwaites
Navy HMS Arc Royal Rouge Kevin Mc Donald
Drug Line Gorgeous Tom Mc Carthy
BT  Wireless Internet Weilands Toby Mc Donald
Old Lions Carlsberg Gorgeous Chris Palmer
Sainsburys Weilands Paul Weiland
Walkers Crisps Weilands Paul Weiland
NSPCC Gorgeous Frank Budgen
Hutchinson Weilands Toby McDonald
Central Beheer Blink Trevor Melvin
Hotpoint The Finktank Graham Fink
Garmen Idents Gorgeous Tom Mc Carthy
Stronbow Cider Weilands Trever Melvin



The One Show - BBC - Recordist
The Royal Wedding ABC tv live links - Sound Supervisor
Little Howards Big Question CBBC Recordist
Emmerdale The Death of Terry Woods - Sound Supervisor ITV
Bang Goes the Theory - BBC - Sound Supervisor
Jazz on the Beacons Celtic (for BBC)  Philippa Cousins
The Mask Celtic (for BBC) Philippa Cousins Recordist
Hurst Celtic (for BBC) Philippa Cousins
Great Picture Chase Toya BBC Doc Features
Them & Us Sir Ian McKellen BBC Doc Features
999 various BBC Doc Features
Abduction from the Seraglio
(Istanbul) Antelope / Istanbul Mike Csaky /Elijah Majinsk
Panarama (2 years woth) BBC various /Alan Yentob
Blue Peter various BBC Children's Lewis Bronze
The Beatles Anthology Apple music recording for the meeting Jeff Wanfor
Edge of Darkness BBC Plays Malcolm Campbell .
Not a Penny More BBC Drama Clive Donner .
Mysterioso BBC Plays Alan Bleasdale John Glenister .
Jute Mills BBC Drama Series Stewart Orm
Christine BBC Drama Alan Clarke
Under African Skies Mali BBC Music & Arts Mark Kidel
Under African Skies Algeria BBC Music & Arts Mark Kidel
Under African Skies Ethiopia BBC Music & Arts Richard Taylor
Omnibus BB King USA BBC Music & Arts Ian Potts
Omnibus At the Proms BBC Music & Arts Roy Tipping
Rolling Stones in Morocco BBC Music & Arts Nigel Finch

Features & Film

Nails & Beauty - short - Rhona Foster
The Fight - feature - sound mixer - Jessica Hynes 
Bobby - Ron Scalpello - 

Legacy - feature - sound mixer - Davie Fairbanks - Marc Small - Noel Clarke - Universal films

I Remember You - sound mixer - Dan Costello - Short

Montanna - 2nd Unit Sound Mixer - Feature - Mo Ali - Mark Foligno

Soulmate - Sound Mixer - Feature - Axelle Carolyn - Neil Marshall

Shallow - short - Sound Mixer - Sentinel Entertainment - Dan Stevens


Everyones Going To Die - feature - Sound Mixer - Max Barron and Michael Woodward, Feature

Premier at SXSW - BIFA nominated Raindance award


The Patrol: Operation Herick - Sound Mixer - Filmed in Morocco - Tom Petch , Feature

Winner Film of the festival - Raindance 2013

BIFA nominated Raindance award 2013


A Times Comes - Nick Broomfield - Sound Mixer

Wayfaring Stranger - Sound Mixer & post - Richard West - Film Council

The Boat that Rocked - 2nd Unit , Feature

United 93 - Working Title Paul Greengrass 2nd Unit Mixer , Feature


Red Shoes - Kate Bush , Feature

Priest - BBC - Antonia Bird , Feature



All about the McKenzies Series2 - Sound mixer - dubbing mixer

Nomionated Best Web Series 2013

Transfer to TV 2014

Dubbing Mixer Credits











S2 E5








My Life BBC


Dan Hawk Trailer


FIGHT – Chan 4


SIRENS BAY – Cannes Court Metrage

After leaving university in Leeds Steve commenced his media career in the BBC Film Unit, based at the famous Ealing studios. He was there for 12 years and gained immense experience by working on a diverse range of programmes from Blue Peter and Panorama to large costume dramas.

Being a musician he specialised in music recording which took him around Africa on a world music series, including going to Morocco with the Rolling Stones. This led on to travelling to the USA to film the B.B. King Homecoming Tour and in UK filming The Beatles Anthology.

Today he works on a freelance basis on films, commercials and TV programmes. The breadth of the work has now expanded to also include post production through music and sound design for film and video. 

steve thomas sound 3.jpg


My Basic Kit (Some of it) anything else is possible

Sound Devices 633 6 track SD/ CF recorder
Sound Devices 442 PSC mixer - 4  track PC interface and Hi spec Laptop

Zoom F8 8 track recorder sd recorder & Control suface
Sennheiser 416 gun mic & windjammers 1xRode NTG2 & windjammers

2x boom wirless transmitters.

2 long Panamic poles short pole

Rode (stereo) NT4 & windjamme

2x Rode NT6 2x NT5 2x NT2A

Electrovoice 635 reporters mic

2x AKG C1000 C3000

6 Sennheiser radio mics with trams and cos 11s

2 micron radio mics with trams and cos11s
Sony radio mic transmitters and camera mountablereceiver and directors receiver
2 xSoundcraft 12 channel mixer

boom op talk back transmitter

a selection of neumann, akg,sennheiser,shure and vintage microphones and stands
Time code digislate,4x TC sync box master timecode generator 2 x black box radio xmitter
Mixers trolley - large 12 volt battery, video and audio monitors and Lighting, weather cover etc Loads of other music and hand held mics cables leads & toys Full playback kit
All packed into a Landrover Freelander 2

5.1 sound & edit suit with 2 workstations nuendo,Makie flying fader work surface, premier pro and full music and synth software and instruments, connect to my ftp for up/download.

Contact me

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